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The Weird and the Weary

Mar 12, 2019

We use way more credit than cash in a virtually cashless society and what happens when you can't keep up? You lose things like credit score points, possibly your car, your interest rates go up and your new minimum pretty much guarantees a bankruptcy in your future. Some are lucky and can get back on their feet (use public transportation if available, cut back on luxuries, budget) but what if you can't even rely on public transportation because your credit extends to OTHER aspects of your life such as your video game playing habits, manners, or the slightest of slights? Yeah, if you guessed Florida, you're almost really wrong. China is our topic as we discuss the insanity of extending financial responsibility unto aspects of one's character. This is some crazy stuff and luckily we live in a place where we can express our weariness with the truly weird things humans do. I got dem....SociaAaAaaaal....Credddddddddit.....Bluesssssssss......*kaff kaff*