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The Weird and the Weary

Mar 19, 2019

Someone wrote that a leopard can't change its spots yet some people want to challenge that notion at least at the human species level. Transracialism came to light when a woman named Rachel was exposed as actually being a woman of European ancestry rather than the African-American female president of an NACCP chapter in Spokane, Washington. However, even stranger events would occur when a woman named Martina Big decided that she no longer would identify as White and would transform herself into a Black woman whose Swahili name would translate to Big Angel. Yet what is transracialism? If you ask some, it is a term referring to an adoptive family that is not of the same race as the child(dren) they are adopting. So can someone please explain? Is it like a double entendre except you don't even know which one will offend more? Find out what we thought on this week's episode, Transracialism: Can't We All Just Get Along?