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The Weird and the Weary

Apr 23, 2019

As Spring begins to show its beautiful weather, lots of people will be taking advantage of the warmer months to get rid of the Winter blues and get moving. Walking, biking, running, jogging, rollerblading, extreme ironing, uh what? Yeah, it exists and apparently there are two camps of thought as to when it actually was started. Can't wait to find out the final results! Then there is the more interesting sport of sepak takraw from Southeast Asian where 3 v3 play using only their head, chest, legs and feet to whip a rattan ball at the opponent's field of play. Imagine Shaolin Soccer except with a smaller ball. Or what about the wife carrying competition which is supposed based on the antics of a Ronkainen the Robber. A man must carrying a woman around his neck while he runs as fast as possible through an obstacle course. What an interesting world with so many options! Check out the silliness as we discuss, Weird yet Interesting Sports!