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The Weird and the Weary

May 7, 2019

How fluent are you in the Long Game? Do you have the confidence to usurp another's possessions or trust? Washington man James "Russell" Bolton seems to have what it takes. Tired of his liberties being threatened and his security in chaos, he created the Stevens County Assembly Militia (whoa, it was right there in the title!! Hide your wallets and pocketbooks!) in response to events such as 911 and immigration allowances. But somewhere along the line, Russell as he liked to be called, decided that being the leader of a militia wasn't enough and he had to step up his game; but attempting to fleece his own militia. What a world, what a world. Check us out while we dress down this clown with an apparent frown, wherever he is. On this week's episode, S.C.A.M. or, Damn, where's my checkbook?