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The Weird and the Weary

Jun 25, 2019

Parents want the best for their kids; a good education, a bright future, a way for their cheerleader daughter to outshine everyone even if it means murder. Well, that last part isn't really something most people will do for their kids or should but in Wanda Webb Holloway's case, it seemed like a checkbox she was willing to check. This week we trouch on Wanda Webb Holloway's dogged determination to eliminate the competition so her daughter could be THE best Texas cheerleader in the state. And then we talk about how a sex worker named Dalia left behind her life to find marriage and bliss only to find out she really just wants money and killing someone for an insurance policy isn't that bad an idea. Wow, was she wrong. Check out, So I hired a Hitman (and please, don't hire hitmen. Hire inappropriate strippers for their workplace. That'll slay em.