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The Weird and the Weary

Jul 9, 2019

Dating is a stressful, scary, and unpredictable activity that can bring either a welcome, positive experience that leads to years or a lifetime of carefully balanced bliss or an experience that takes years of therapy to reconcile. Yet we need to find someone or at least to continue populating the planet. But then again, shouldn't we slow down? We digress.

But in places such as Scotland where a strange tradition called the Blackening exists or in China, specifically Guizhou, where the Sister's Meal Festival celebrates a forbidden romance to some cultures where a secret meal brought to a lover called gad liangl or hidden meal. Sounds juicy! Check out the conversation that ensues when we talk about relationships, food, and whatever else comes to mind while we discuss The Strange Traditions of Dating and the Sister's Hidden Meal of Love.