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The Weird and the Weary

Jul 23, 2019

Russia. May 1933. Thousands of Russians were arrested for being caught without their passports (some were just outside smoking) and sent to large transit camps that were becoming more and more crowded. Stalin had approximately 6000 "criminals"  hauled off on a barge to Nazino Island, a swampy area in Siberia that measured only 600 meters wide and 3 kilometers long, accompanied by 2 commanders, 50 guards, and 20 tons of flour. Somewhere along the line, Stalin changed his mind about the deportation but someone missed the memo. Two weeks later, on May 18th, they arrived, all hell broke loose, and flour as a food source alone just didn't cut it.

A little under two decades later, a child would be born in Japan who would grow up to have a bit of a strange attraction; the need to eat human flesh. Supposedly this taboo desire manifested itself in the young Issei Sagawa at the age of 6 upon seeing the tasty thigh of a man. My, my do you think they have a vegetarian option for people flesh? I surely hope not and please, don't even try. But I hear people taste like pig. Either way, I'm bringing my own food to this party. Check out this week's episode, It's Lean, It's Mean, It's Soylent Green!