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The Weird and the Weary

Oct 1, 2019

Some people like routine. From the morning routine to the late night routine, humans are creatures of habit. Like a bully who never changes and becomes a menace to a town like in the case of Ken Rex McElroy, one of the nastiest bastards to walk the earth. He would shoot you in a heartbeat and set fire to your house so he could marry your underaged daughter. Yeah, this piece of joy was Debo, Biff, and Jabba the Hut in one. And then something happened! Murder! Intrigue! And a town that didn't witness a thing when he got his comeuppance. Then we have people who help so much that it actually becomes annoying and you really want to tell them to go knit or something. On this week's episode (and one away from our 52nd episode!) of the Weird and the Weary, A Town Terrorized by A Terrible Troublemaker!