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The Weird and the Weary

Oct 15, 2019

Food. It is something we can't live without there is no arguing that. But sometimes regular food isn't enough for some people. Yes, we had an episode awhile back about strange foods that people eat (chalk with a side of ortolon, anyone?) but this week's episode just abotu takes the cake. Tarrare, an 18th century Frenchman, had a strange problem; he was constantly hungry. He was so danged hungry that his family had to kick him out of their home because they could scarcely afford his eating habits. So he traveled with less than savory characters begging and stealing for food before becoming a warm-up act for a traveling carnival. And then he became a soldier. And everything went downhill from there. In hindsight, this poor chap never really had an uphill unless he was passed out after eating enough food for a basketball team. Check out this week's topic, The Insatiable Appetite of Tarrare!