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The Weird and the Weary

Oct 29, 2019

China is a hotbed of political activity from human rights violations to protests in Hong Kong against the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill which many fear would erode the foundation of justice in effect within China. It seems as if China is not just the #1 importer many worldwide deal with but also a big bully that doesn't know which way to terrorize, through laws or straight up violence. Five of the bullied are covered this week when we discuss the Causeway Bay Books Disappearances. They worked for a bookstore, Causeway Bay, that specialized in books normally banned in China. Eventually, the political party tired of their insubordination and seemingly orchestrated a series of events that turned their lives inside out and upside down. This week, on the Weird and the Weary, The Causeway Bay Books Disappearances.