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The Weird and the Weary

Aug 13, 2019

Nature is an incredible gift that needs to be respected and paid attention to. It feeds us, provides us with light, gives us direction, yet also can kill us, freeze us, heat us up, and maybe one day, shake us off like fleas off a dog. But we're not on a round, flat disc supported by huge elephants on the back of a flying tortoise. No, at least I don't believe so....

But speaking of support, a man in Athens, GA decided that he was going to be the proto-Lorax and begin something that would wind up being spoken about and celebrated for years on end, the case of the Tree Which Owned Itself (I wonder if he ever wondered that about the people that were working those fields prior to the tree). Then we speak about a couple of asshats, owner of the Washington Resdksins and a couple in Sonoma, both parties being guilty of clearing out surrounding land or easements of trees that did not fit the aesthetic they envisioned for their dream homes. One of the unfortunate victims was an 180 year old tree. What a shame they didn't come to life and stomp them out like a bunch of vengeful Ents. That is a talk for another time. Join us for this week's episode, Who Speaks for the Trees?