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The Weird and the Weary

Mar 26, 2019

What does Barney, Tantra, and Tinder have in common? David Joyner. Or at least two thirds of it is about right. Or not, it seems to be confusing. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which refers to a Buddhist or Hindu text that outlined the doctrines, practices, and rituals to adhere to. Some were the 'Right' practitioners while others were of the 'Left', unorthodox followers who created their own worlds out of drugs, sex, magic, and sacrifice. Definitely skipping that party.

But David Joyner. Yeah. He rocked out as Barney, well at least in the suit not the voice, and utilized his Tantric practice to exude love out of every orifice of that 70 pound suit. After ten years of it though, David found another calling 3 years after hanging up that sweaty suit. Damn. I should not have imagined that. Does anyone have any coffee beans? Next on the Weird and the Weary...Episode 24: Tantric Barney.