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The Weird and the Weary

Jun 11, 2019

Music. It is a universal language that has been a mainstay in human history since someone realized how different sounds came from different kinetic hits across various surfaces. How the sounds changed in pitch or timbre. Music motivates, incites, provokes, and polarizes yet no matter what, it thrives, it grows, and it evolves. Such as Kode9 and the Spaceape's being two of dubstep's royalty helping to usher in a sound that paid homage to jungle, DnB, 2 step garage (that's actually pronounced garridge by the locals), and Jamaican dub. From this fertile ground grew the likes of Burial, Lorn, Clubroot, and so many more. Then there are the instances of UK drill, a variant of Chicago drill music that espouses criminal and violent behavior and has undergone a scrutiny and law enforcement response that is not only Orwell scary but brings up questions about the interactions between law enforcement and the people they are sworn to serve and protect. Check out a very quick look at this week's episode, Burial, Kode9, the Spaceape, and the Drill Response.