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The Weird and the Weary

Jul 2, 2019

The history of the sasquatch or Bigfoot is mired in controversy both ludicrous and well, laughable, yet what about the tribes that recorded sightings of these elusive and supposedly tricky little jokesters? Are their stories invalid and fictitious, as imaginary as Santa, the Easter Bunny, and a sane current President? That's for another time but for today we focus on a couple of people such as Nancy, a Washington state resident who claimed to have encountered the hairy beast she named John while maintaining her marijuana farm who was seduced by his mm-hm, girth and had a relationship with him for a while. And then we have a congressman from Virginia who spent his spare time writing about the erotic adventures of a hairy imaginary simian-man, and another man who likes to shoot anything not wearing an orange vest thinking that person may be Bigfoot. This one was a doozy so come check out this week's episode Bigfoot, Hunters, and Erotica Oh My!