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The Weird and the Weary

Aug 6, 2019

Doomsayers. Naysayers. Scientists. Deniers. These are contrasts in the types of people who believe that climate change is real and others who do not. We pump so many carbons and greenhouse gasses into the air, mistreat the planet like a landfill, and fight over resources that we are dangerously using up at an accelerated rate. Today, we speak about the 12.5 billion tons of water volume that melted in Greenland in ONE DAY after the peak ice melt that occurs every season and the other effects that climate change has caused. Then we speak about an alternative housing that may have been inspired by the Shire of Hobbiton.  Floodings, mass hysteria, and conjecture abound! Join us for this week's episode, Is This How The World Ends?