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The Weird and the Weary

Jan 28, 2020

Animals sometimes wind up being better companions than people and although sad to say sometimes animals show more humanity and courage than a handful of trash-talking beer wrestlers. Wojtek the Bear for example was a mimic but he exemplified the characteristics of a perfect soldier; strong, considerate, and a hell of a smoker and drinker. Then there is Lance Corporal William "Billy" Windsor who served in the 1st Battalion, Royal Welsh, Infantry of the British Army who went wild and was demoted for a short while before regaining his rank later on and finally, Corporal Jackie, a baboon who served in the South Africa Army during WWI and was raised in rank from Private to Corporal and received a Medal of Valor for the injuries he suffered a conflict. What a little bad-boy! Check out the War Animals, this week on the Weird and the Weary!