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The Weird and the Weary

Feb 4, 2020

Corn flakes and Vaseline. Who would have thought that two of the most commonly used household items in the world would have such an interesting and strange history. Such as the story of John Kellogg, his brother Will, and the invention of corn flakes by two men with one, John, wanting to incorporate it into a 7th Day Adventist diet which forbade sugar, alcohol, sex for fun (even among married couples!) basically everything fun while his brother wanted to add a little sugar to add another realm of sensation but NOOOOO! John nixed that. Then there is Robert Chesebrough, inventor of Vaseline, who supposedly ate a spoonful of it everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle and applied it to burns and cuts to show off the healing properties of his new petroleum jelly. Smart indeed as he created the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company which would later become Pond's. Join us as we try out a bowlful of corn flakes and vaseline and see if we can live to 123.