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The Weird and the Weary

Dec 11, 2018

Imagine sleeping soundly in your bed, late at night, dreaming about far-off lands, and mysterious adventures when suddenly out of nowhere, a Cessna comes roaring down the avenues, soaring and buzzing as the pilot rushes towards a bar in NYC's Washington Heights in an attempt to win a bet......and he lands right unto the streets. Or imagine being an air traffic controller who suddenly receives transmissions from a grounds crewman who needs help landing a passenger plane he stole. Yeah, that's a story you tell your grandkids. Join us as we chat about the wackiness of Thomas Fitzpatrick's NJ-to-NY plane trip and the weariness of a lifelong jokester, Richard Russell, whose final actions in life still have unanswered questions such as how the hell a grounds crewman was able to successfully take-off in a passenger plane and why. On the next episode of the Weird and the Weary!!!